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Our brand promise

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Our brand promise

Through a strong focus on client collaboration, we provide efficient, cost-effective shotcrete infrastructure development.

From project inception to finalisation, our technical offerings include planning, project collaboration, application and equipment training, application quality assessment and reporting, and stock level and equipment monitoring. These services are holistically delivered and supported by our sales and technical staff, ensuring that our products and services are provided in a sustainable way throughout the entire project life cycle.

Altecrete continues to strive for excellence in our products, services and support. We are continuously innovating from a materials science development and equipment design manufacture perspective. Coupled with our seamless service and systems integration into our client centric operations, we are able to provide significant improvements to safety, operational efficiency and cost reductions that help streamline and maximise production output.

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Our History

Altecrete was founded as a concrete specialist company in 1994, to provide custom material designs specifically suited to the high demands and difficult conditions of deep level mining.

One of the highlights of our pioneering history is that Altecrete was the first company to successfully produce and introduce Thin Sprayed Liner (TSL) technology to the mining industry of South Africa.

Aptly named TunnelGuard, our TSL product has dominated the field by being the trendsetting first to consecutively achieve the highest strengths in combined tensile, bond, shear and bond shear strengths.

Through extreme authoritative third party trial and testing, TunnelGuard has become the trusted standard that mining operators demand, due to its proven safety and reliability on which they have grown to depend.

Our next breakthrough offering came in the form of MineCrete. This new industry first super hybrid shotcrete material was born when we took our cutting edge TSL technology and combined it with our shotcrete technology.

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